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Every Aspect of RealBoss Ltd is the product of an integrated product quality backed up with exceptional service delivery. At each level, we seek to be the customer’s first choice. We pride ourselves on not just being another Real Estate Company but a Hub for the most Iconic Real Estate Solutions. Our Energy is without equivalent and we provide an ultra-high level customer service that both buyers and sellers will appreciate.

Whether you are looking for a retirement property, corporate investment or Personal investment in Lands and Houses, we will offer you our professional service and market expertise.

Please take advantage of our state-of-the-art website and search tools to browse our exceptional offering of real estate solution.

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Awoyaya is within the fast growing new megacities; Ibeju Lekki. It is off the Lagos- Epe express way, and houses a number of potential liquidity for wise investors. Lekki Project II is located in Maidan town in Awoyaya. Land Document: Excised, Gazetted & Layout   OFFER PRICE:  A plot at Le…
Lagos, Nigeria
932 days ago · From admin
The name Ibeju-Lekki is derived from the name of two autonomous communities: Ibeju and Lekki. Ibeju-Lekki shares boundaries with Ogun state to the north, Eti-Osa local government to the west, Epe local government to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. There is a large increase in the numbe…
lagos, lagos, Nigeria
932 days ago · From admin
The Lekki Peninsular is regarded as the fastest real estate market in Africa. It has become abrand and a status symbol for homes / office address. Lekki Phase 1 & 2 are located about 20mins drive away from each other along the Lekki –Epe expressway. Lekki Phase 2 is a 3mins drive from Ajah and …
LEKKI ISLAND · 0 likes
Lagos, Nigeria
932 days ago · From admin
Oriental Gardens is a well developed estate with already existing Housing development and constructions Located in the fastest growing new megacities in Agbara Igbesa, it promises great Liquidity and return on investment for interested investors. Land Document: Deed of agreement, Approved Layout,…
Agbara MAINLAND · 0 likes
932 days ago · From admin
♦ Agbara-Igbesa is within the fast growing new megacities in Nigeria. ♦ It is off Badagry express way. ♦ The land at Oriental Gardens is plain and solid, requiring no extra foundational works. ♦ Housing development and constructions are already on-going in the estate. Industrialization: Sever…
Agbara MAINLAND · 0 likes
932 days ago · From admin
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