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Should You Buy or Build a Home? Buying a Home A home is usually the single largest investment that a person makes. Most buyers end up spending a great deal of time and energy either searching for or designing the perfect home The home buying process c
GRACE · 685 days ago

Realboss Ltd is a multinational real estate company based in Lagos Nigeria. We are currently recruiting top sales performers and people who are willing to learn and embrace our sales methodology to join our commission based sales team.   Are you interestin
GRACE · 885 days ago

People that transition are constantly in motion. Today there is a massive movement of Investment going on all around Lagos are you aware. If yes what are you doing about it. Don't be left behind, Success begins with a step at a time. Invest Today!
GRACE · 1114 days ago

What is really important to you as a Real Estate Investor? Real Estate investment in Lagos is generally profitable. In comparison to other states, Lagos state is a goldmine. However profitability differs from one area to the other.Again my focus here is on
GRACE · 1114 days ago

What if i told you you're better off renting than owning your own home! Here in Nigeria, I’m finding that the annual cost of owning a home — taxes, interest, insurance, maintenance, and other fees — is often greater than the cost of renting. Sometimes sign
GRACE · 1118 days ago

"Why don’t you just buy a Land?" Those were the words from a Real Estate agent i met years ago and am sure you have heard that before too. Maybe its high time you got yourself a nice piece of Mother Earth.  I was just 27 years old I knew little about real
GRACE · 1118 days ago

RealBoss Ltd Presents; A Land Investment opportunity If you ever wanted Safety combined with flexibility and cost effectiveness, you have it all rapped up in the Roseberry Estate. We call it NEXT AGBARA.  N810,000 per plot (10% discount for outright payme
GRACE · 1118 days ago

       Welcome To the Truth!  Research have shown that the difference in the result of successful people Versus the less successful people is in the quality of their thought.   Successful people always think investment(Money Generating) before Ownership(M
GRACE · 1118 days ago
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