Who is RealBoss Ltd?

REALBOSS LIMITED is a Real Estate Consulting & Marketing company that exist to help you meet all your Real Estate needs. We represent a Bouguet of Real Estate Product cutting across different demographic groups and budget. We are your Real Estate Physician.

Where is RealBoss Ltd Located:

Realboss Ltd is Located at Sangotedo, Lagos Nigeria.

What Type of Real Estate Solution does RealBoss Ltd Offer?

Realboss Ltd is a Real Estate Solutions company and so we do beyond just selling. Below are a list of what we do.

  • Real Estate Consultancy:
    We give professional advice and guidance on all Real Estate investment covering areas like, Real Estate Location consultancy, Acquisition Consultancy, Opportunity & Risk Analysis, Consumer behavior within an areas and drivers of consumer spending, Macro and micro element etc.


  • Real Estate Sales & Marketing:
    Our Real Estate business model involves the promoting, buying, selling, renting or leasing of land or buildings (housing) including market Research and Advertising. We          bring together safe and cost effective Real Estate Product and make them available to you.


  • Real Estate Education
    Our Academy Programme offers one of the finest Real Estate courses needed to succeed as a Real Estate practicing professional in Nigeria. We undertake certification courses         and can assist with Real Estate Licensing process.


  • Multi Level Marketing System
    We operate a highly lucrative and structured Multi level marketing system that can make   anyone jump start to great financial freedom. Our team of Real Estate Physician (REP)       are well equipped to help you find the right solution for any of your Real Estate Problems


  • Property Development
    Our services in this regard are multifaceted. It includes Joint Ventures, renovation and re- lease of existing buildings as well as constructing new buildings.


  • Property Management.
    We manage, Operate, maintain and handle all the day to day activities that are required to optimize your Real Estate Investment throughout its life cycle.


  • Real Estate Document Acquisition
    We are involved in the processing of land surveys; Governors Consent & C of O We also provide Expert advice on document acquisition, Document Regularization and or Ratification.


  • RealEstate Crowd Funding
    We leverage on our cutting edge online investment platform, to bring together a pool of accredited investors and pre-vetted Real Estate Investment opportunity in one simple marketplace. Accredited investors will have access to an extensive pool of Real estate investment properties and can invest with as little as $2000 into each such property. Our Property class includes Equity and Debt investment on Residential, Commercial, retail and Land opportunities.


  • RealBoss Capital
    We don’t just provide the right and safe investment solutions; we also give you the capacity to own it. We offer soft loans with minimal interest rates to our club members for the purposes of investing in Real Estate.


  • Real Estate Mentoring
    We believe that success is team work and hence we operate an organized and systematic mentoring programme that will involve one on one interaction in a structured manner between Mentees and experienced Mentors. Mentors will help Mentees with useful advice that will help manage career and personal challenges and hence speed us their developmental process.


  • Research & Development
    The climate for growth in the 21st century is changing rapidly and a Company that wants to be successful must continually find better ways of achieving result. At Realboss Ltd we feed on Research and continually strive to improve ourselves to better delight our customers. We also welcome unsolicited ideas, information and feedback from the public on how we canserve them better.


  • Cooperate Social Responsibility
    We will occasionally contribute to the welfare of our environment by offering voluntary CSR services as is dimed fit.
Who are our Partners

Our partners are owner of our products and services. They include:

  • Pwan Homes Ltd
  • Realty Point Ltd
  • Lily Homes Ltd.
  • Others
What is Realboss Real Estate Physician Club all about?

The Realboss Real Estate Physician club is a Multi level marketing club of Realboss Ltd. The Realboss Real Estate Physician club uses a combination of Multi level marketing and Network marketing to achieve its direct sales objective.  Members of the club engage in the sale of our products and earn attractive commission.

What is Multi Level Marketing?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a simple and potentially lucrative business system that gives an independent marketer in the MLM industry the opportunity to build its own sales force who will also promote the products. Consequently, the marketer is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also from the sales generated by their sales team.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing, sometimes called direct sales, is a business model that allows products to be sold directly to the consumer cutting off the middle men (Wholesalers, retailers etc) who usually account for a large cost incurred by businesses. The manufacturer then uses the savings in cost to reward the independent marketers in the form of bonuses and commissions.

At realboss Ltd, we compensate our sales team for direct sales as well as indirect sales (Sales from your sales team).

How do I join the Realboss MLM system

You can join us anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your home. However we highly recommend that you first attend the Realboss network Aspirant Training which hold at our office every Tuesdays by 10:00am prompt. Here you will be shown details of how our model works and you will understand the path to becoming a successful Realboss Physician. For Interested person living outside Lagos we can organize an online training through skype to explain our system to you.

Will I have to register to become a member?

The Realboss Real Estate Physician is a club, and like any other club, registration is required. The Registration fee to join our stream of Estate Physician is $195. This cost covers.

The Real Estate Physician Kit which is a collection of selected marketing materials to help you jump start your Business.

What are the items in the Real Estate Physician Kit?

Branded T-shirt, ID Card, Realboss Lapel pin, Realboss e-mail address, Realboss Ringtone and your Online Office.

Can I Register in Naira.

Yes you can register in Naira. Realboss Ltd Website will constantly display the prevailing exchange rate for conversion. This is to help us mitigate against the current instability in exchange rates.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Realboss Real Estate Physician Club?

The Realboss Real Estate Physician club is committed to supporting you to maximize success in your personal life through our Business. Our Promise is to motivate you to earn and help you channel your earning into useful investment. Some of the benefits for belonging to our club include

  • Enrollment into our cooperative society
  • Opportunity to partake in the Realboss Mentoring programme
  • Access to funds from the RealBoss Lending Club
  • Partake in our different crowdfunding projects
  • Marketing and promotional materials at your beck and call.
  • Long Service Awards
  • Strong Financial Compensation and Incentives.
  • Profitable channels of Investment.
  • Training and Skill Development.
  • Partake in our RealBoss subsidiary scheme
  • Partake in our community development programmes
How will I make money through the Realboss Real Estate Physician Club?

You can earn money through any of the following:

  • Through Product Sales Commission –Commission from you Direct sales
  • Through Down line Earnings- Earnings from your sales team.
  • Through Bonuses and Mile stone awards: Bonuses and award earned as a result of achieving certain milestones.
How much money can I expect to make joining the Club?

This is your own business – so you decide how much money you want to make. There is no limit to the size of income you can achieve. However it is not a get rich quick scheme it will require your part time commitment.

How much much do I need to invest in this business?

1-2hours a day is a good place to start and you can expect to achieve good result.

Will I have to quit my present job?

No you don’t have to. Over 90% of people start MLM career on a part time basis.

Will I get the training & support I need?

Absolutely. Reaboss Ltd has a well-structured training programme to support your Business.  We understand that there is no success without your success.

How do I get my Commission?

Your commission will be transferred to your designated account when sale is made and confirmed.

Do I have to renew my Membership annually?

In order to support with operational cost, you are expected to renew your membership annually with a discounted renewal fee of $ 50

Can I join from anywhere in the world

Yes you can join from anywhere in the world. Just log onto our website fill the form, make the payment and begin to sell. We will arrange to meet with you anywhere in the world via skype or through other social media.

How do I Get Started

Simply contact the person who shared this opportunity with you. He or she will send you an invite to join the Club. Alternatively log on to our website and register