Porcelain tile flooring is astonishing when installed in any living space. These are made with clay and hardened with help of fire or through the baking process. The tiles are backed at a temperature up to 1200 Fahrenheit to produce the hard and durable tile. These are the best option to use on floors, walls, and countertops. These are perfect options to install in the areas where there is moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, these are best to install near swimming pools also. By adding the porcelain tile increase the value and aesthetic of your living space.

Now the question comes to mind are porcelain tiles are same? How you should avail flooring services? How to buy the best porcelain tile flooring? If you want the solution then for your convenience we have listed ways to find the right porcelain tile for your living area

Don’t Forget To Check Standards

The topmost factor to consider for buying the porcelain tile flooring is to check standards. At floor mod, you will find multiple types of porcelain tiles. You have to choose the tough tile that can bear spills, stains and should not be slippery. The high standards of tile meet the testing standards, these include hardness, chemical resistance, fluid absorption, and much more. So, before you buy first check the standards and then make purchase decisions.

Check Out The Class On Porcelain

Porcelain tile is rated in five classes that are resistant to wear and abrasion. Class is not for tough use thus not recommended to install on floors. Class 2 and 3 are for areas where there is medium traffic like bathroom or kitchen where there is less chance of scratching. Class 4 is the popular type and mostly use in houses in halls, busy kitchens, and entryways. While class 5 is the premium grade porcelain that can bear heavy traffic and is best to use for commercial areas.

Type Of Glazing

Porcelain tiles exist in two types. One is glazed and the other is unglazed. Unglazed is the sophisticated type that is non-shiny, solid in appeal, and comes with inconsistent colors. It retains its color. It is available in various finished from rough to polish. In contrast, the glazed type has a protective coating and looks decorative in appeal. These can be shiny or matte in finish.

Check Slippage And Absorbency

One more factor to look upon is the absorbency and slippage of the tile. Select according to the requirement. For the kitchen, swimming pool, and bathroom non-slippery porcelain tiles are the perfect option. These must be non-absorbent so fluid does not penetrate the tile. Such tiles have a coefficient of friction is 0.06 or higher. You purchase the glazed tiles with slippery features where there is almost no traffic or moisture penetration.

Selecting The Right Color Scheme

The last but not the least factor you should consider for buying the porcelain tile flooring is the color scheme. Always pick the one that sits well with your furniture and wall textures. You can check the catalog at floor mod and find the right color scheme to adorn our living space.